Grinding Applications - Vane Segments

Here at Campbell Grinder Company innovation and multi-functional capability is our specialty. Not only do our machines Grind parts but many can Turn, Mill, Drill, Probe and, depending on the model, they can Creep Feed Grind, Conventional Grind, and Superabrasive Grind. Our machines are capable of ID grind, OD grind, taper grind, form grind, grind radial slots, grind arcs, grind faces and many other surfaces. The following pages are dedicated to showcasing the variety of applications our machines are capable of grinding. Click HERE to return to the main applications page.

vane grinding

Vane Segments

  • Vane grinding cells designed and developed by Campbell provide our customers with a cost effective way of producing high quality parts quickly. One particular cell is setup to produce multiple vane configurations of one of today's most popular gas turbine engines. The cell uses two rugged 5-axis Model 930s and one compact 3-axis 950 (since replaced by the Model 800) to grind all of the machined surfaces completely in three operations.
    Each machine is equipped with an Erowa chuck and pallet mounting system, hydraulic spindle drawbar, and interchangeable coolant nozzle packs. Grinding the leading edge radial surfaces on one 930 and those of the trailing edge on the other helps keep throughput at a maximum. The smaller 950 is used for joint faces and other linear parts. See also our solutions for honeycombs.
vane grinding vane grinding vane grinding