Campbell Grinder Company was incorporated in 1969 to succeed a proprietorship known as “Seaway Machinery,” which was owned by Hugh Campbell. He had a lifetime of experience in the design and construction of special machine tools, including 10 years as chief engineer for the Frauenthal Grinder Division of Kaydon Bearing in Muskegon, Michigan. He was responsible for the design and construction of all the grinding machines sold under the name of “Frauenthal.” These dependable machines are still in use in the bearing, aircraft and aerospace fields. Fifty year old (and older) Frauenthal models are still in demand in the used machinery market.

Hugh Campbell continued to design and build custom machinery independently as Seaway Machinery, after the Frauenthal Division was sold to Bullard in the early sixties. The accelerating demand for this type of equipment created the need for a larger organization and facility, and the Campbell Grinder Company was organized to meet that demand.


Campbell Grinder mostly produced machines for the bearing and turbine engine industries.


Campbell makes its first CNC machine.


First large optics generator produced – 6 meter diameter.


First continuous-dress creep-feed grinder produced.


First high-speed super-abrasive grinder produced – Over 50 still in operation today.


First multifunctional grinding center produced with tool and coolant nozzle changing – Capable of grinding, milling, turning and complete part measurement.


First 5-axis simultaneous grinder produced – 50+ to date.


The Campbell family retained ownership until 1998, when they sold the business to Charterhouse of New York.


First 5-axis model with tool and nozzle changing produced.


First non-contact (laser) used to measure blade tips – 20+ systems delivered.


Traveling column machine developed – Now the backbone for models 1000, 930 and 800.


First non-contact (laser) system used to measure complex wheel geometry on the machine.

Charterhouse held the business until the fall of 2005, when Campbell Grinders’ three managing executives purchased the company.


Campbell Grinder and other West Michigan tool and die companies with diverse capabilities, technologies, and resources create the Muskegon Tooling Alliance of West Michigan (MTA) in July. The tooling collaborative’s main purpose is to share member technologies in design, machining and equipment.


Campbell Grinder Company receives the “2007 Muskegon Area Environmental Excellence Award.”


Campbell Grinder Company announces the formation of its new MicroTech Filtration Division. The new division concentrated on the development of three exclusive MicroTech product lines matched to the specific requirements of Campbell Grinder Applications.


Glencoe Capital, LLC (“Glencoe Capital”), a private equity firm focused on control acquisitions and growth equity investments in lower middle-market companies, acquires Campbell Grinder Company. To learn more about Glencoe Capital, visit their website.


Produced first all linear motor 800 Model creep-feed machine with laser scanning for part contour, wheel contour and establishing part centerline – All axes are direct drive with speeds near 1,500 inches/minute.

Introduced the 930E Series machines, a traveling column 5-axis grinder.


Introduced the 750D Series machines built to grind small cylindrical parts.

The Model 1000 traveling column machine replaces the Model 700.